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Consulting Areas



Here at The Allocation Company, Inc. we offer a variety of consulting services to make your retirement process the best it can be.  Please see below for the areas that we offer consulting.

Plan Design & Implementation
3 (16) Fiduciary Services

We will work with plan sponsors to determine the best plan design to meet their needs and goals because we understand how complex the process can be in selecting, customizing and implementing a plan. Our professional staff will guide you through each step of the process including:


•  Review the employer’s controlled group and/or affiliated service group situation.

•  Design a plan tailored to meet the needs of the owners, employees and to maximize tax deductions for the business.

•  If we are taking over a plan already in existence, we will review the existing plan provisions and recommend changes to fully meet the employer’s goals and objectives. 

•  Prepare plan documents as required by the IRS and the request for an IRS determination letter, if applicable.

•  Prepare the Summary Plan Description that is required to be distributed to plan participants.

•  Prepare customized enrollment and administrative materials.

•  Conduct employee meetings to communicate the provisions of the plan.

•  Establish Plan records and review administrative forms.

Common Remitter Services

The Allocation Company, Inc. can accommodate numerous methods for common remitter services. These may include submission via separate files or submission via common file.

​This would put The Allocation Company, Inc. as the Plan Sponsor for your plan.  We are happy to assist with all day-to-day operations of the plan or should you prefer, only certain functions.


Click           to be forwarded to our 3(16) fiduciary website for additional information.

Plan Compliance

We provide the following services, if applicable:


  • Contribution deductibility calculaions (§ 404).

  • Annual additions testing (§ 415).

  • Top heavy testing (§ 416)

  • Coverage testing (§ 410(b)).

  • Conduct semi-annual 401(k)/ 401(m) Discrimination Tests (ADP/ACP)

  • Preparation of IRS Form 5500 and related schedules.

  • Preparation of Summary Annual Report for participants.

  • Preparation of apropriate PBGC form (for defined benefit plans only).


Recordkeeping & Administration
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