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Canyon Creek Consulting Group (CCCG) is dedicated to providing quality pro bono consulting services to small, mid and large nonprofit organizations. 


We provide nonprofit organizations the education necessary to fully and completely understand how their benefit plans work.  CCCG's consultants and staff review and assess plan documents, annual testing,  vendor contracts, and review fee arrangements for required annual fee disclosure.


CCCG is a Not-For-Profit company  providing answers and solutions for you and your staff's future!


Having an outside independent firm evaluate your benefit programs will give you valuable insight to how your plan provisions, plan contracts and educational services impact your organization.  Our trained staff will educate you and your charitable business associates with the principals of 401(K), 403(B) and 457 plans.  This is valuable information that can help your tax exempt or governmental organization preserve a future and prepare  your employees for their retirement.  In this day and time of disclosure, contract and plan review is a must.


Canyon Creek Consulting's work force has over 40 years of combined experience.   A wealth of knowledge is available to your every question or concern regarding the longevity of your organization's defined contribution and/or defined benefit plans. Having a quality benefit package is a must for any growing nonprofit that is in the market to attract and retain quality members of your organization.  Canyon Creek Consulting Group is ready to review and evaluate your current plans and bring them from ordinary to extraordinary.  

Maggie Tarsinos


Margaret (Maggie) Tarsinos is the Director of Canyon Creek Consulting Group and received her degree in Business Management with Entrepreneurship from Texas State University.  She has a passion for helping people, which led her to start this nonprofit with LeRae Worthington.  With LeRae's extensive consulting skills and her passion, they make a great team!

Rochelle L. Worthington

Lead Volunteer Consultant

R. LeRae Worthington is the Head of Volunteer Consultants and has been in the retirement industry for over 30 years.  She volunteers her knowledge of pension benefits to assist nonprofit organizations.

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